Poe’s House in Richmond


Maryland Girl
Magnolia Blossom captured live in Eastport
14x17 oil
Peace. Hope. Almost spring.
Sailboat in La Roche Bernard, France
Morning sail, swift and silent
Jockeying Boats
Jockeying Boats
Windy Corn by the Creek
Windy Corn by the Creek
Lonely Tree
She bows neither to storm nor solitude.
Brandywine Battlefield
Sunlight washes over the battlefield
Off to College
May your journey wrap you in warm sunshine
Maryland Farm
Peaceful hush
Starry Navy Night
USNA Chapel sparkling in the night sky.
Fleurs at Longwood Gardens
Rain tapping on the glass
Les Bateaux
Little boats under the bees
Memories of snow, in a year without.
Middleburg Sunset
The sun sets on the field of the Dolly Llama.
Chesapeake Dawn
Florida Lake
First original painting. Florida, 1994.

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2 thoughts on “Oil

  1. How did you capture the vainglorious light of our Bay? It’s perfect! I love the bridges as they are one of the many links in my world of urban/country existence. (Are you selling by chance? I can make check right out to: MB College a Fund!!)


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